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What A Girl Wants

       A lot of girls will go on and on about their idea of their 'soul-mate' or their true love. Some women will go so far as to have a checklist of their man they consider to be everything that they need. Trust me, I was one of them. However after some serious soul searching of my own I've came to one very surprising conclusion. In all of the list I forgot to mention the one thing that I truly really needed. After spending the better part of my short lived adult life waiting for a guy, and journeying on a roller coaster that was anything but amusing I've came to the conclusion that what I really need out of life is simple. No list, no perfect description, none of that. I really only need one thing. Stability.

      Now, Don't get me wrong Stability does entail a whole other slew of descriptions but it all comes down to that. I mean, is there anything else we can ask from life? We spend our whole lives looking for that perfect man but in all reality he doesn't exist. What every relationship has to have to succeed is Stability. Not just on the mans side either, woman have to bring some stability to the table too. Far to often both parties are just unstable and as such they build dependencies and co-dependencies on one another and that makes for a stressful relationship. You should be able to be comfortable with yourself alone, before you can expect to find a relationship in which you are comfortable sharing yourself with someone. We need that balance in our lives to be truly fulfilled an happy.

      Matters of the heart have always been the most important to every race. The idea of love and happiness, fulfillment and pleasure. It is the essence of the foundation in which we have built our entire surroundings. Our search for knowledge, and the bigger picture it is only to reach out and say "look at me, I'm here, I'm important. See me as Important". But, we have to learn to work on ourselves if we are to expect anything from other people.

Blessed Be



You have such a clear focus on what you want out of life and a gift for expressing it in words. I am sure that you will bring great stability to any relationship! I wish you love and knowledge on your path.