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SFAWC: Thoughts on Organized Wicca

A post from my Blog


So, I sit here at Six AM, after a long day of running around and getting things in order. I finally have time to return to you. I’m sitting here now, on a brand new computer, my comfy PJs, My writing glasses, and a pen in my hair my cat curled up on my desk and a nice cup of herbal tea. Perfection. If the last few months have been just as hectic for you as they have for me, I’m sure that you can understand when I say this is the first breath I’ve take that doesn’t feel out of place. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our life; we loose sight of what is actually important in our lives. The things we need to feel calm, at peace, and in a nice cushy center. More often than not, even the most experience Witches, Priestess, or Druids find themselves so wrapped up in life that they can forget who they are, or what we’re put on this planet for. We loose ourselves in personal relationships, or overwork ourselves, take on more than we can handle, and goddess knows what else.
However…sometimes, even after a long day a voice whispers in your ear and tells you to go and find that center. It feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve wrote anything, since I’ve helped anyone, and since I’ve had time to honour and praise the Lady & Lord and all of the workings of Magick that happen in our everyday lives. Now, I could sit here and tell you everything that has happened to me since I’ve stopped regular posting. I can sit here and post pictures that I should’ve, I can sit here and go on and on and on about the lessons that have made them self very much known in my lives (some harder to accept than others). However, If I did that, no good would come from it, and I wouldn’t be helping anyone. All I can do, is take what I have learned over the past few months, apply it to my life and hope that in my experience I can help those who need it. Whether we are eclectic Witches, Green Witches, Kitchen Witches, or a strange mix of whatever you are in the mood for…we all have one purpose. To help the world return to the Goddess and God. I mean, have we really made any headway in the last handful of years? Any actual headway?
A lot of Witches/Wiccans take pride in the fact that we have no established leader. It’s our way, to live in harmony with one another, to work hand in hand as equals to a common goal. Some would argue that the fact that we aren’t prosecuted is headway enough, that we can be witches in public, and that we can be open about who we are. Yes, all of these are wonderful things. And I would have to agree that that is actual headway. Especially when just a few decades ago, there were still Witch trials here in America. Besides all of those wonderful things, have we actually made any general public claim that we’re here to stay? Have we marched Washington DC and made it know that we’re not Devil Worshipers who still cast spells in the shadows? Two years ago, in a drama class I was taking, we had a substitute teacher, She noticed my pentacle necklace and asked what it meant. When I told her I was a Witch, in all seriousness she asked me if I could cast spells on her and fly…Now this was a College graduate mind you. (although, I do admit Flying on a broomstick would be amazing.) I think, that if we had an established leader…that we made ourselves as public as Christians, that we could erase the stereotype, and let people know what, who, and why we are here.
To accomplish things on a larger scale, we have to have some sort of direction and guidance. Which currently, this is exactly what makes us not an organized religion. I’m not suggesting we alter our believe system or make all witches choose one tradition. I’m just saying we need someone to help guide us in a direction of forward. Someone who can speak publically for the Goddess and God, a “Lady of the Lake” so to speak. I feel as though we’re stagnantly waiting for things to happen. That with good will and patience we can just wish things to change. Which, may be mostly true for individual levels, I feel like we need someone to help direct us foreword. To give us our goals, to help return daily enthusiasm to the God AND the Goddess.
With that, I leave you all for tonight. As soon as I get back into routine, Ill post more of my thoughts on the subject, and perhaps I’ll give a general outline on how I think Organized Wicca could work and would help us to get to the goal that the goddess had intended for us.
Blessed Be, Fae Kieran



I feel your dedication and devotion to the Lady and the Lord. What a blessing you are! I am sure that your enthusiasm and zeal are appreciated and that you are blessed for being You. :)