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Ill be a moons breath

She was running, and she had know that the second she left home. She was running from her problems, running from her responsibilities, and running from herself. Yes, it was running. Sure she had had other reasons on leaving. But the main reason was to escape. She couldn’t think of anything else to do… She felt stuck and suffocated  lost in the proverbial woods of life. She had packed up, and in the heat of the moment left everything she had ever known; The Castle, her Guardians, her family. And the man she loved. It had taken her to long she thought, to realize this wasn’t then answer. Had she enjoyed her journey? Yes, she had enjoyed making new friends and strengthening the bonds of newer ones. Yet, no amount of new friends could help her solve what she needed to solve.

                                It had taken a bit to realize and understand, but the only person that could solve her problems, was her. And she couldn’t do that unless she stood and fought for what she loved. No matter what the price was. She was the Evening Star. What good would she be, if  She couldn’t even help herself.

                                She gazed out the small window of the little house she had been so graciously welcomed into, without any expectations or responsibilities. She wasn’t a princess here, nor the Evening Star. She was just Fae. This life was normal. Playing with her softly curled golden hair. Just a face, in a crowd of unaware people. It’s not what she wanted, It had taken her this trip to realize that though. The lesson she had to learn was that she was exactly where she should be. When it was time, is when the things she wanted would fall into place. She was stronger than she thought she was. Or at least, she hoped that was the case. She would return to the Palace, and to her life. Back to her duties, and back to the ones she loved. She sang softly into the night wind that blew through the open window through the undrawn curtains, “I’ll be a moons breath, from your side”.

                                She would find what she needed…one day, she would leave the dark forest of her mind and in the light that she herself casted, would  be ready. Everything happens for a reason.


Everything happens for a reason

Oh yes it surely does! But it's wonderful that you have such insight and wisdom. I'm glad that you've had an experience that's helped you grow too. Nothing brings more satisfaction!

So good to see you back here in L J too. I've missed you. :)